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The Eclectic Collection

6 months
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Download link (right click, save target as): https://archive.org/download/DSaneHotdogJpg/D-Sane%20-%20Hotdog%20jpg.mp3
Or try this link if that other one doesn't work and download the file labeled "VBR MP3": https://archive.org/details/DSaneHotdogJpg
Soundcloud Mirror: https://soundcloud.com/d-booth-sanford/d-sane-hotdogjpg
2 Year Anniversary Update: Thanks for everyone who watched/listened to this song, 700,000+ views is beyond my wildest dreams for this song. I keep finding/hearing about the strangest corners of the internet that this song pops up and it makes me incredibly happy to know it's being shared everywhere. Yesterday I got asked if there was an instrumental version of the song so I put that together today, and you can find it at this link (right click, save target as): https://archive.org/download/DSaneHotdogJpg/D-sane-Hotdoginstrumental.mp3
If anyone is planning to make remixes/mashups, please link to them in the comments or let me know about them on Twitter at twitter.com/sadhourglass
Lyrics: "Do I look like I know what a jpg is?I just want a picture of a god-dang hotdog!"
More dumb videos on this channel and you can also follow me on Twitter @SadHourglass for some dumb writing things and some links to these dumb audio/visual nightmares.


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