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10 Funny European Commercials

10 Funny European Commercials

The Eclectic Collection

5 months
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I put together ten funny commercials from Europe that I found on Youtube and that I liked. It is my selection just for fun and I hope you enjoy it too. Tell me in the comments which one is your #1, I will include your vote in the ranking at the end of this text to see which commercial people like the most.

These ads are included:

1. Germany: True fruits with “Safer Snaxxx” from 2018 (The best way to eat bananas is to drink them)
2. Sweden: Ikea with “Wondering Dog” from 2006 (Make room for ideas)
3. Schweiz: Hiltl with “Sound Designer” from 2009 (Hiltl Restaurant is the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world and responsible for the catering at the Open-air Cinema am See in Zurich)
4. Great Britain: Smart with “The Smart Forfour” from 2015 (So smart you forget it’s a four seater)
5. France: Canal+ with “The Closet” from 2010
6. Italy: Fiorucci with “Wood or Metal”
7. Switzerland: HUG with “Guezli aus der guten alten Zeit” (Candies from good old times) from 2010
8. Czech Republic: Heinz Ketchup with “Unforgetable moments” from 2016, reprising a scene from the Swedish movie "Hip Hip Hora" or "Ketchup Effect" from 2004
9. Germany: OBI with “Sucked in Dog” (The DIY supplier, Expect more, Genial)
10. Germany: Doppelherz with “Augen Vital” from 2017 (music is Dirge by Death in Vegas)


11. United Kingdom: Vodafone with “I’m gay” from 2005 (Stop the Clock, Talk for 60 minutes, pay for 3)
11.5 United Kingdom: Vodafone with “Twins” from 2005
11.75 United Kingdom: Vodafone with “Wedding” from 2005
11.99 United Kingdom: Vodafone with “Pregnant” from 2005


The votes are in and the current winner is: Czech Republic, Heinz Ketchup with “Unforgetable moments”.

Results in detail, status January 12, 2020 (votes and positive mentions counted):

1. Czech Republic, Heinz Ketchup: 22 votes/mentions
2. Germany, True fruits with Banana: 7 votes/mentions
3. France, Canal+ Closet: 6 votes/mentions
4. United Kingdom, Vodafone: 5 votes/mentions
5. Great Britain, Smart Forfour: 4 votes/mentions
6. Sweden, Ikea Dog 3 votes/mentions
7. Italy, Fiorucci Wood or Metal: 3 votes/mentions
8. Germany, Doppelherz: 2 votes/mentions
9. Germany OBI Dog: 1 vote/mention
10. Schweiz, Hiltl Sound Designer: 0 votes/mentions
11. Switzerland, HUG Guezli: 0 votes/mentions

Thanks to everybody who watched the video, voted and commented on it, liked it and subscribed to my channel – I appreciate that very much!


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