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Angel and the Badman John Wayne

Angel and the Badman John Wayne

The Movie Source 2

7 months
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Angel and the Badman - Here we have John Wayne in an early take on the iconic John Wayne character of his later films and clearly feeling comfortable as the star of a film he dominates with a fine performance. The movie takes place in the west, but is more of a melodrama-morality play in western clothing than a typical 1930s-40s western. We even get a kind of Greek chorus compounded with an updated version of Macbeth's three witches in the person of Harry Carey (Marshal Wistful McClintock), who shows up at strategic moments, arrivines so quietly that Wayne doesn't hear him and and offers some insight, some predictions and some advice. Wayne plays bad guy Quirt Evans who achieves a metamorphosis of character through his love for and the love of beautiful Gail Russell (Penelope Worth)


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