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Animal Feed Grain For Healthy Budget Survival Food

Animal Feed Grain For Healthy Budget Survival Food

TR Tech Tactical & Survival

4 months
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You can make flour from bulk animal feed grain and feed your family very cheaply. It costs a lot less to buy bulk grain from the feed store as compared to a grocery store.

Animal feed grain is generally the same thing you can buy in the grocery store with one difference - it is not cleaned as well. There may be chaff, straw or small stones in your grain. This is no problem to clean out before grinding the grain in your mill.

For people with allergies the only issue is that this grain may have been processed on machines that handle other grains. So be aware of this.

You can buy a 50 lb bag of whole corn for about $8 sold as chicken feed. You can get cracked corn with whole wheat berries for about the same price sold as chicken scratch grains. And you can get a 50 lb bag of oats for about $14 in the horse feed section. There is no way you can get these prices in the grocery store.

If you are at the grocery store and find that the grain or flour you needed are not in stock, then you can run over to your local animal feed store and grab some bulk grain instead.

On my main channel The Do It Yourself World I will be manually grinding these grains to make our own flour. So check it out and watch for those videos. We will be baking bread and making pasta on our homestead to feed our family.

Another benefit of grinding your own flour is that you can get the whole grain with all its nutrients. Commercial flour is generally much more refined and less healthy for you. And when you grind your grain fresh, there are more nutrients left in the flour as compared to commercially purchased flour which can be quite old by the time you buy it.

Once you grind grain, the nutrients start to leach out. So the fresher you can get it, the better.

Here are the two grinders we use.

For smaller grain, coffee, nuts and fine flour: https://amzn.to/2xo0qL7

For corn, grains, nuts and coffee but a bit more course: https://amzn.to/3dtb8R6

NOTE: For both of these mills, it is better to use dry grains to prolong the life of the device. Wash and then dry in an oven, in the sun or on a wood stove to ensure complete drying of the parts and prevent rust. Never over tighten the grinding burrs in order to prevent damage. Never have metal on metal. It is best to start out course and run your grain through a few times until you get it fine. This also helps to prolong the life of the grinding burrs.

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