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Working On Electric Fence To Stop Predators And Deer PT3

Working On Electric Fence To Stop Predators And Deer PT3

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7 months
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It was getting late in the day but I kept pushing on working on the electric fence. In the end I managed to enclose almost the entire front property.

I then put orange ribbons out on the fence wire to alert deer and 2 legged predators to its presence. My goal is to prevent anything from coming through by accident. The ribbons are spaced every few feet all the way around the property.

I even managed to get the driveway by the garage closed in. And I got the fence along Pine Road, what we consider the front of the property. I still have to do the main driveway. I will use T posts for now but I really want a nice gate there.

I will work on this project until it is fully closed in and I have alarms all the way around in case any two legged predators try to cut through the fence.

The fence will stop anything down to the size of a coyote for now in order to protect Michelle and our chickens from attacks. The fence will stop deer from getting into our garden and dropping off ticks which can kill us. And soon I plan to extend the fence to the ground and prevent smaller animals as well to fully eliminate danger to our chickens and ticks in the yard.

The fence will slow down 2 legged predators long enough for the cameras and alarms to do their job.

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