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Sunny Homestead Updates A Planning Our Garden

Sunny Homestead Updates A Planning Our Garden

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3 years
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A few days worth of updates on the homestead. Saturday we spent time with friends at our first outdoor BBQ for the year. Then we went on a boat ride around the lake together. It was a great day.

Sunday Melanie and I went out fishing and practicing the use of some of our survival gear. We got some fish to help feed our family and also made some good videos of our gear. Check out my tactical channel for details and new videos: TR Tech Tactical & Survival: https://www.diytube.video/channel/4/

Melanie has been planting seedlings for our garden. We cannot plant until June at the earliest due to freezing nights during the coming month. The seedlings are in the trailer for now where at least it does not freeze at night.

I have to clean out the greenhouse and cat proof it. During the winter the cats used it as a bathroom and it really stinks in there now. Then I will clean it out and start working with the greenhouse heavily this year. We are going to put cold sensitive plants in there to protect them from the occasional freezing nights in summer.

I ordered a new power inverter to help offset the cost of energy in our home. We had lost our wood stove and then used the electricity heavily last month. We used the furnace and electric water heater because the wood stove was providing both those functions before.

Along with the mining rigs, that put us into an insanely high energy bracket. The energy company is charging us more than double the cost of our actual energy usage.

That makes us even more determined to use solar power from now on as much as possible.

I have some solar panels that are still not connected and when the inverter arrives, we will be using them too.

We are again using the solar camp shower bags to heat our water for bathing. The sun provides all our energy needs right now. And, then the inverter arrives, it will give us even more power that we can use in our off grid home.

At that time, our home will be truly 100% off the grid.

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