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Wiring Up Solar Panels For Improved Off Grid Homestead Power

Wiring Up Solar Panels For Improved Off Grid Homestead Power

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I am improving our off grid homestead solar power production today. From now on we will buy more solar panels each month as finances allow and expand our overall power output.

I had 800 watts of solar panels on the house last year but some of the electronics failed and now only 400 were connected to the battery bank.

I bought a new solar power inverter with built in charge controller to hook up the rest of the solar panels. The inverter with built in controller will allow me to use AC power to run to the house instead of DC. This is an advantage because AC and higher voltage has less loss in the wires than DC or lower voltage.

Inside the house we will be using an extension cord to distribute power as needed. We are not going to wire anything up into the existing house wiring or circuit breaker.

Our solar power system is a full independent system.

I also purchased the proper MC4 solar panel connectors to wire them up. I am using 10 gauge wire between the solar panels and the charge controller.

I made the fittings and connecting wires between all four solar panels and then tested the outputs to be sure everything was working well.

Next I wired up the controller/inverter and nothing happened. It may just be too late in the day and it was below the cutoff point in the controller. I guess tomorrow we will see.

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