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How To Build An Altcoin Mining Rig From A Used Computer Step By Step

How To Build An Altcoin Mining Rig From A Used Computer Step By Step

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2 years
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How to build a cryptocurrency mining rig out of used computer parts. This is an easy to follow, step by step instructional video which will hopefully help people who are interested in mining but do not have a lot of experience with computers.

I took the motherboard and CPU combo out of an old Dell computer a while back. This is the backbone for today's video. I have been using this old Dell to run two graphics cards as needed through the past months.

Today we are going to assembly a single GPU mining rig using otherwise all second hand parts.

Place your motherboard on a flat, non static surface.

Next get your hard drive out and connect a SATA cable to the data output of the hard drive. Connect the other end to your motherboard SATA 0 or 1 slot. This depends on your motherboard and could be either SATA 0 or 1.

Next, take your PCIE riser card and insert your graphics card into the riser. Insert the riser adapter into the motherboard and connect the USB cable between the two.

Next find the largest connector on the power supply and push that into the motherboard power supply socket. This can only go one way into the motherboard socket. It cannot be put in the wrong way.

Now connect the 4 pin CPU power cable from the power supply into the motherboard. Newer motherboards will have two of these 4 pin plugs side by side.

Connect a SATA power plug from the power supply into your hard drive (assuming SATA is used here).

And connect power to your riser card. Depending on the GPU you are using, you may need to connect power to the graphics card itself as well.

Finally connect your monitor, mouse and keyboard. Then connect a network cable between the motherboard and your modem.

That is all there is to it.

Stay tuned for the next segment in the series on how to set up a mining rig - how to set up the BIOS to optimize your mining rig.

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