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Expanding Our Off Grid Solar Power & Utility Meter Is Dead Stopped

Expanding Our Off Grid Solar Power & Utility Meter Is Dead Stopped

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The Do It Yourself World

3 years
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Setting up more solar panels on our off grid tiny house. We are expanding our solar power production in able to reduce our energy needs from the power grid.

I have been building a new solar panel rack to hold four more solar panels. So far we only had 800 watts of solar panels connected to out tiny home. Now we will have 800 more watts of solar power pumping into our off grid home.

I have yet more solar panels to install but the cost of the treated lumber is high so it will take some time to finish the project.

But with our newly converted freezer to fridge we are using even less solar energy. After installing all the solar panels on the new rack and repairing the old rack, which was warping, our energy needs from the grid are reduced to zero.

Our grid energy meter is at a dead stop since we are no longer drawing off the grid. I show this on video. It is quite exciting to see the power meter stopped and no energy being drained at all.

We will keep the grid connected though for emergency or long periods of extreme rain or clouds but we will not be needing the energy anymore on a daily basis.

Our solar panels are connected to separate charge controllers and inverters. From the inverters we run extension cords to areas where the power is needed at the time.

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