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Single Coil Bedini SSG Restoring 200AH Golf Cart Batteries

Single Coil Bedini SSG Restoring 200AH Golf Cart Batteries

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3 years
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My old Bedini SSG radiant energy device is restoring four 200 AH golf cart batteries that have not been useful to me for a few years now. In the fall I put the Bedini motor on these four batteries and left it running. I put a volt meter on the output to see the status of the batteries.

During the winter I left the batteries on the Bedini motor outputs and kept it running most of the time. There was a period where it was too cold out in the off grid electronics shop so I had to shut down the Bedini because the oil in the bearings solidified.

I kept checking the battery voltage on the meter and it was always reading low. Well I figured that these are huge batteries and badly sulfated so I left them running on the charge.

Today I went out with a digital volt meter and was very surprised to find the batteries were really at 12.69 volts. This is the highest they have been in years.

So I shut down the Bedini SSG radiant energy charger and used a load tester to see how strong the batteries really are. I did the test on the first set off camera, not thinking they would be any good. I was quite surprised to find they held up well to the load test and stayed in the green the entire time.

So I grabbed my camera and did the second set on video. These are 6 volt golf cart batteries wired together in series in pairs to give me two 12 volt battery banks.

The second set of batteries tested out well too. Even a bit stronger.

Then I measured the voltages on the batteries and the one set read 12.1 volts while the other read 12.2 volts. Not bad considering these were as low as 7 volts just a year ago.

I put the Bedini motor output back on the batteries and spun it up. I will keep an eye on them and see if I can bring them back into service.

Stay tuned for updates.


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