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Proof Bedini SSG Primary Battery Isolated From Secondary

Proof Bedini SSG Primary Battery Isolated From Secondary

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3 years
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Many people claim the primary battery is feeding the second battery but this experiment proves that theory is false.

I have a big deep cycle battery on the charging side of my Bedini SSG and a tiny little 7 Ah battery on the run side. If this was a straight up one to one charge as people say then the small battery would rapidly be brought down to the voltage of the larger empty battery once you connected them.

But this little battery is running the Bedini motor with very little current on the input while showing a charge on the larger battery.

What is even more interesting is that when I apply a 55 watt light bulb to the charging battery, it pulls that battery down hard to 5 volts. Yet the current and voltage on the input side do not even waver.

I repeated this experiment a few times on and off camera with the same results. The battery which runs the Bedini motor is doing just that. It runs the motor and nothing else.

The input battery is electronically isolated from the charge battery so there is no way that the run battery can be emptied into the charge battery.

So the energy must be coming from somewhere else outside the circuit. This energy is from the environment, often called radiant energy.

I left the battery on the Bedini motor to charge up for a few more days. Stay tuned for updates.


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