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Homestead Garden And Greenhouse Updates Plus Aquaponics Work

Homestead Garden And Greenhouse Updates Plus Aquaponics Work

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Updates on our homestead garden, greenhouse and off grid aquaponics system.

We have been working hard on the off grid homestead the past days planting food and flowers.

In the greenhouse our solar powered aquaponics system is coming along well. I shoveled and sifted out more sand to get the pea gravel for the grow bed in the aquaponics system. I washed the gravel and put it in. Now I am ready to add plants to the system.

I am digging an underground greenhouse for growing our food all year. This is a huge project which I am digging by hand. It will take some time to finish because it will be 19 feet x 10 feet and 6 feet deep.

But this should keep the plants from freezing in the cold winter months out here.

Melanie is planting flowers and beautifying the place.

We had a light freeze which left a frost on the ground but it seems that our plants are not harmed so far.


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