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Salvaging Electronics From Old Computer Power Supply

Salvaging Electronics From Old Computer Power Supply

Do It Yourself Electronics

2 years
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I am gutting an old PC power supply for parts to make a joule thief radiant energy charger.

I plan to experiment with the joule thief charging circuits and see if I can get the power output boosted up enough to run some devices or do some useful work.

Many people have used these to run an LED or fluorescent lamp in the past but I have not seen much real work done with the output of these things.

I believe that if there is energy entering the system from the environment, then I should be able to increase that energy and use it to do some work.

The old computer power supply yielded up a lot of very useful parts for my projects. There were multiple toroid coils with various lengths and numbers of coils. These will be great for my projects.

There are some large capacitors as well which will come in handy for the experiments.

And there are some other nice components which I can later use for projects and experiments in my off grid electronics lab.


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