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Off Grid Homestead Updates And Surprise Revealed

Off Grid Homestead Updates And Surprise Revealed

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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It has been scorching hot on the off grid homestead recently so things are proceeding slower than I would like.

We have had visitors most of the season so far as well so I have not been recording as freely as usual.

I cleaned up around the off grid wood shop and then removed all the lumber that I had out in storage behind the shop. Then I built some storage shelves for the lumber.

Next I started to stack the lumber on my new shelves. This is under a roof I had put up last year to keep the wood out of the weather.

Now I will be able to easily sort through and choose a board as needed for my projects. Before it was all stacked up high, one on top of another, so I could not easily get out a board.

The surprise I have mentioned has been delivered to our off grid homestead. This is a chainsaw lumber mill. But this is not your average chainsaw mill. This is a Mil-Rite chainsaw mill with tracks included.

This is a very fine working lumber mill with a stationary set of tracks. There is no complicated preparation needed to operate this mill. Just toss on a log, secure it in place and start cutting lumber.

I am so excited to get this going. I will lube it up today and perform its normal maintenance.

I also hope to free up the chain because I dont have the extra money right now to get a chain for this mill. I want to get started cutting though asap.

This is true homesteading. We are using the resources on our land to provide for our needs and to make products for sale.


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