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Testing Various Emergency Fire Starting Materials & Kits Which Is Best

Testing Various Emergency Fire Starting Materials & Kits Which Is Best

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This is a video Bison from Buggingin and I did together in the fall. Another of the video series we shot that weekend but never aired.

Bison and I were trying out different survival fire starters. These vary from emergency fire starting gel to Duraflame brand and some sort of oil coated sticks that are supposed to start a fire faster.

We tried the Coghlans fire starting gel first and that took right off nicely. I was impressed with this. It only takes a drop to start a fire in a survival situation so this tube could last you a while. When caught out in the woods in an emergency this could save your life.

Next we tried a chemical soaked fire starting stick. These are small pieces of wood soaked in some sort of flammable chemical.

Sadly the fire sticks would not ignite easily at all making it a waste of fuel and useless for emergency.

The Duraflame brand fire starter failed to ignite easily as well. Even when held in the flame for a while.

Next we went back to the Coghlans fire starting paste and tried a couple drops on our tinder. One flick of the lighter and it was burning nicely. This is a good product to keep in your survival kit.

I had the idea of trying some hand sanitizer from my bug out bag. Three drops and a flick of the lighter and it was burning happily.

Next we tried a few drops in a birds nest made out of jute twice. Instead of a lighter we used a ferro rod to throw sparks into the hand sanitizer.

The first spark that hit the hand sanitizer had a nice flame going. This is the cheapest and best performing fire starting agent in our combined bug out bags.

This is dollar store hand sanitizer so it is cheap to stock up on and keep in your emergency survival kit.

It is good to experiment and test your gear. Use your gear. Test things out. See what works and what does not. It could save your life.


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