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Working On Mil Rite Chainsaw Mill And More

Working On Mil Rite Chainsaw Mill And More

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3 years
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I have been restoring an old Mil-Rite chainsaw lumber mill which I recently got delivered to our off grid homestead.

The mill had not been used in about 40 - 50 years I was told so it needed a little bit of cleaning and care before I could use it. But it is in surprisingly good shape for its age.

The chain was rusty and seized up between most of the links but I thought just maybe I can free it up and get it working again.

It was too hot out to do much of anything else the previous day so I sat down and worked the chain links one at a time. It took several hours but as I said, it was too hot out anyway.

The chain was still quite rusty though so I got the idea of putting it into vinegar and water. I mixed up a 50/50 batch in a tub and submerged the chain in the vinegar out in the sun for a couple hours.

I checked on it after a while and the vinegar was bubbling. So it was definitely working on something.

A while later I got a brass wire brush and gently scrubbed on the chain. The dirt and rust fell right away with ease. So I scrubbed the entire chain on both sides. I cannot believe how good it looks now.

I got all the links moving and freed up. Next it was time to remove a few links because it did not fit my chainsaw. I had to get a master link in town first.

It was getting even more hot and something was biting me out there so I called it a day for now.

While the chain was soaking in vinegar I went out to the wood shop to work on a project. I had been wanting to work on electronics and a wood project today so I mixed them both at the same time.

I made a radiant energy Bedini SSG motor out of all scrap parts. The wood scraps I used to make a base with feet.

I used a circuit from an old Bedini motor which I had not used in many years due to mice destroying it all. The coils were out of a dead laser printer. The electronics were also salvaged at the time.

I put it all together using a roller skate wheel and some magnets. When I spun it up, the thing worked quite well.

I am currently desulfating an old lead acid battery in a car jump starter pack.


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