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Warning Graphic Content - I Cut Off The Tip Of My Thumb

Warning Graphic Content - I Cut Off The Tip Of My Thumb

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While working the other day I cut off the tip of my thumb nearly clean through and patched myself up on video. This is good experience and shows me the importance of first aid skills and a fully stocked first aid kit.

I had been casually working a knife open and closed while editing a video for the day when I closed the knife on my thumb tip. I cut off the tip. It was hanging by just a thread.

I am out in the woods about 1/4 mile away from the nearest house. The owners of the home are elderly and could not get out here to me if I need help in an emergency.

And an ambulance could not get out here right now either if something happened. I am in the middle of the muddy season. I hope to fix this before next spring though with gravel and drainage on the lane coming out to my tiny house on wheels.

But for now I am left to myself if anything happens out here. I have to patch up my own wounds.

And today I realized the shortcomings in my first aid kit and my emergency first aid skills.

At the same time ManOfMany Thingz from YoutTube was in the hospital recovering from having a burst appendix removed the night before.

Bison from Bugginging and I both had the same thoughts separately. What if this had happened to him when we were out in the mountains or forest somewhere and had no cell phone reception? How could we keep a person alive, diagnose, treat or evacuate someone in an emergency?

We realized that as a team of preppers we need a doctor in our group. Every team needs a doctor who can treat more serious problems in an emergency situation.

I also realized that my own skills were limited. Although I was trained to patch up combat wounds such as bullet holes and broken bones, I am still very limited when it comes to emergencies such as what happened to ManOfMany Thingz.

I noticed too that although I love survival gear and practicing my skills outside, my medical skills are rusty and my first aid kit is lacking in important items. I put all that on the back burner all the time.

No more.

While patching up my cut thumb I noticed that my big home first aid kit is missing a pair of scissors. This is important to cut dressings and tape.

I realized that I could ad a lot of important first aid gear to my kit in the future.

I will be improving not only my first aid kit but also my first aid skills in the following days and weeks.

I will share my skills and show my equipment on video as I go along.


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