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Making A Bandsaw Box From Reclaimed Lumber Using Solar Power

Making A Bandsaw Box From Reclaimed Lumber Using Solar Power

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I made a bandsaw box using reclaimed lumber and solar powered tools.

I got out an old piece of lumber which is about 2.5 inches by 6 inches and aged for many years outside. It is full of worm holes and other flaws which give it character.

It was so thick that I could not cut it with my circular saw so I had to use my reciprocating saw. This is a battery powered tool and I keep it charged using solar power.

Inside the off grid wood shop I used the chop saw to get a nice, straight cut for the bottom of the box.

To power the wood shop I use two 200 watt solar panels to charge up six deep cycle batteries. I run power through an inverter to the wood shop to power my tools.

I set up a fence on the band saw using a simple 2x6 and then cut off a sliver from the box. This will be the back side of the box.

Next I drew a line on the inside of the box where I will cut out the drawer and then cut it on the band saw.

I put the fence back on the bandsaw and cut a sliver off the front and the back of the drawer.

Then I drew a line where I will cut out the inside of the box. I cut this on the band saw. Then I sanded the pieces some and glued the drawer all back together.

Later in the day, after the glue had dried, I sanded the drawer first with a belt sander, then a hand sander and then by hand to smooth it all out. I shaped parts with a rotary tool and a sanding disc.

I also sanded the box frame inside and out.

Finally I glued the back side onto the box frame and let it sit for a while to cure.

I later sanded the back of the box as well. When I was satisfied with all the parts sliding together and back apart again, I was done for the day. It was getting late in the day.

I will finish the bandsaw box tomorrow. I have to make a handle for the drawer and sand it one more time then give it a coat of varnish.

Stay tuned for the next video.

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