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Putting Together Mini Fishing Kit For My EDC Belt Pouch

Putting Together Mini Fishing Kit For My EDC Belt Pouch

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I am putting some fishing gear together for my EDC (Every Day Carry) belt pouch. I never want to be without a fishing kit for daily use or survival.

There are so many times that we see a good lake or pond and just want to cast a line out real quick to see what bites. I always hated the times when I did not have a fishing pole with me.

In a survival situation fishing gear can save your life. I am a firm believer in the more is better theory. I carry extras of everything in case something is lost or breaks.

Right now I am adding some more fishing hooks, weights, swivels and fishing line to my EDC pouch.

This pouch stays on my belt and it goes where I go. It is sort of a miniature survival kit and more. That is because I also carry items that I may need from day to day such as a first aid kit, a lighter, flashlight or aspirins. And, of course, fishing gear.

I have a waterproof container that I keep all my smaller items in. I will dig out my little zip lock bags and put the fishing gear into them to keep them dry and separate from other things I have in there.

I also have a stringer that I will carry in my EDC pouch from now on. Fishing gear is useless without fishing line. And fishing line breaks from time to time so it is also a necessity for a survival kit.

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