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The Off Grid Project Working Off Site & Lumber Mill & More

The Off Grid Project Working Off Site & Lumber Mill & More

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Hauling fire wood, working on the lumber mill and more at the off grid homestead.

I am also working outside the property a lot these days in order to supplement our income. Today I was gone most of the day. But I did get some help with the car trailer hitch. We ground, hammered, chiseled, filed and more and finally got the receiver to go into the car hitch.

Now I have a proper trailer hitch on the car. The hitch came with the car but it appears that it was never used before so it was rusted up badly inside.

Now I will keep it lubed up to prevent rust from building up inside it ever again.

Later I was able to haul a load of wood home using my own car and a trailer. This is some of the oak that I had cut and split myself. I put it in a pile in the middle of the yard to dry out a bit in the sun and wind. In a couple weeks I will stack it over by the rest of the fire wood pile.

I went out into the forest and cut down a live tree. Then I cut off about a 9 foot long section and hauled it over to the lumber mill. I want to cut it into boards and let them cure for a couple weeks. Then I will try them out as siding on the chicken coop. I want to see if I can use semi green lumber for siding.

If this works out well I plan to cover the entire side of the trailer in my own homemade siding using trees from our own land. The only problem I have is that most of the trees on our land are quite small so it is going to be tough to find a good source of trees that I can use.

I am also planning to build a raised porch in front of the trailer. I want to put a raised deck under the roof and then close it in for the winter. This will give us a place to keep our antique wood cook stove, grill and outdoor furniture.

I hope to use mostly homemade lumber for this too but for the framing I want to use pre-made lumber so it can go faster. It will be harder for me to make enough 2x6 lumber from my own forest due to the smaller size of the trees.

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