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The Off Grid Project Running Lumber Mill & Cleaning House Roof

The Off Grid Project Running Lumber Mill & Cleaning House Roof

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The Do It Yourself World

3 years
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Making our own siding from our trees and cleaning off the house roof.

I took in the chain off the chainsaw mill and had it professionally sharpened. It was in desperate need of being straightened out. Back on the homestead I cut some siding panels out of a 7 foot by 8 inch round tree I had cut down the night before. This was a live, green tree.

I am going to experiment with fast curing some lumber to use as siding for the chicken coop. After one or two weeks I will put it onto the chicken coop and see how it works out. It this works well enough I will do the same thing for the entire trailer.

We want to close in the trailer and insulate it better. Then we will make our own siding for the trailer using homemade lumber from our own forest.

Later some friends came over to help us out on the homestead for a couple hours. I needed to get up on the roof of the trailer and clean it off but did not want to do it alone.

My friend cut off the overhanging branches that touched the roof and I swept off the heaping pile of pine needles. They were 6 inches thick in some places and covered most of the roof. This will prolong the life of our roof now.

The pine needles went into the compost bins. I know they cause the soil to become acidic so maybe we will use them on walkways or something. Maybe I can add lime to the compost bin.

Later I went back to the lumber mill and cut some more boards off that tree. Right now I have a 50cc chainsaw and an old chain. It takes me a minute to cut each foot of wood with this combination. I am getting a new chain on Thursday and hopefully a larger saw as well.

I am looking at 80cc or larger for this chainsaw mill. People say that with a larger chainsaw they can cut 12 feet per minute with their mill.

The boards are 7 feet long by 8 inches wide. Three of them cover a nice amount of area. I think it will not take much to finish the chicken coop in natural edge siding. And the colors are beautiful inside this Jack Pine wood.

Part of being self sufficient is to provide our own materials from our own land. Cutting our own lumber saves us a lot of money and feels good while doing it.

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