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Preparing For The Hunt & I Got One & Hauling It In From The Woods

Preparing For The Hunt & I Got One & Hauling It In From The Woods

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Getting ready for the hunt and putting on all my gear then I got one just 15 minutes later.

The first two days of the hunting season were uneventful. The place I hunt on State land had too much pressure this year from other people. Last year it was relatively quiet around here but hunting pressure was heavier this year.

I did not see any deer in the woods during the day but they were all over the place on the roads at night. It seems they are all flushed out and running wild at night. Some just stand there seeming confused. I literally had to drive my car around one the other night as she stood there. I looked out the side window at her as I passed close by. She never moved.

On day three I geared up for the hunt on camera. I first wear my normal jeans and a shirt. Then I put on a pair of winter coveralls. These are about 20 years old but they help out a bit. Next I put on my snow pants which are also getting old and not so good anymore. But together it all keeps me warm in the snowy woods. On top I wear my winter hunting coat and then a hat and Carhart gloves.

I take my backpack full of gear with me along with my Savage Axis .308 rifle and head out into the woods for the hunt.

This day I decided to head out onto my own land. I figured the hunters on State land may have pushed the deer onto my land. Normally the deer cross through our land onto State land to feed and then back again during the day to bed down.

Today I was correct. Only 15 minutes after I got settled down by a deer trail, a very large doe came along. After I shot, she ran a ways off but was easy to track in the snow.

I hurried back home to get my 4 wheeled hand cart and tied her down to the cart. Then I started the long haul out of the woods with her. The going was not so bad though with this cart. This was the easiest job I ever had of hauling a deer home.

Back on the homestead I had to drop her off in the garage in a hurry because I had to leave.

The next morning I hung her up from the rafters on a deer gambrel. This gets her way off the ground and out of the reach of our cats. I had put a 2x4 up high in the rafters and then put a chain on that. The gambrel hangs from the 2x4.

We let the cats in the garage when we are home in order to keep the mice out. But the cats love deer meat and try to get some of our food. This year I have the gambrel much higher than before so it should not be a problem now.

I may process the deer here on DIY Tube Video Community so that you can follow along with the entire process.

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