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Mining Cryptocurrency For Free Using Solar Power

Mining Cryptocurrency For Free Using Solar Power

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I am mining cryptocurrency for free using solar power in our off grid tiny house.

When the sun is shining brightly I can afford to turn on one or two cryptocurrency mining rigs and mine altcoins for free on solar power.

We have 1,800 watts of solar panels connected to our off grid tiny house. In full sunlight we have energy to spare. There is more than enough to run our daily needs and then some.

Any extra solar power would be wasted anyway so I always turn on a cryptocurrency mining rig during peak sunlight hours.

The only things we need to power in our home is a fridge, freezer, computer, LED lights and small electronic devices.

Generally the batteries are topped off by early morning so by 11 am I turn on the mining rigs and mine for free until between 4 to 6 pm depending on the time of year.

In peak summer I can get about 8 hours of free altcoin mining using solar power.

After the peak sunlight hours I turn off the mining rigs and allow the batteries to be fully topped off again before night.

Occasional clouds will reduce the amount of sun shining on the solar panels so I have to keep an eye on things.

The rig I am running right now only used 500 watts continuous so I can let it run even during brief cloud cover with no problem.

With a larger rig I have to be more careful.

Of course I am only getting 1/3 of a day mining cryptocurrency but its free energy so anything I mine is a bonus.


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