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Melanie And I Processing Our Deer Meat

Melanie And I Processing Our Deer Meat

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I finally finished processing our own deer meat together. It was slow going though because the deer froze solid the night after I shot it.

Normally you let a deer hang to age a little bit before processing the meat. This allows the meat to be tenderized naturally. Depending on the age of the deer and the outside temperature this can be anywhere from one day to 14 days.

We ended up on the higher limit because it was freezing outside the entire time.

This also made the job of butchering the deer hard and slow going. The meat was frozen and my hands kept going numb so I had to take breaks often.

I would cut off a large piece of the deer and then take it into our off grid tiny house where Melanie was waiting to process it the rest of the way. She would take the meat off the bones and then separate it into meal sized portions. Then she would put the meat into freezer bags. Next I would take the meat back out into the garage and put it into the freezer.

It was a long job but very much worth it in the end to have our own fresh and basically organic meat.

If you want to see videos of us making our own sausages, please visit my main channel The Do It Yourself World.

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