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Fast Drying Lumber Inside The House Without A Kiln

Fast Drying Lumber Inside The House Without A Kiln

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The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I found a way to fast dry lumber in my home without the need for an expensive kiln.

After a lot of study online and asking people who own lumber mills, I have learned a lot. But one thing they all said is that you have to either have a kiln or let the lumber dry outside for up to a year per inch of wood thickness.

Most people say that you have to dry the lumber outside for a period of months to a year or more and then you can finish the drying inside.

I studied kiln drying lumber as well. Basically what you need is a controlled atmosphere with controlled humidity and a lot of air moving around.

So I put the live edge slabs in my back room and stickered it as usual. Then I set up a fan to blow air at night over the wood. During the day I turn the fan off. This room has a little bit more humidity than the living room due to the wood stove being in there. It is December in Northern Michigan so we are heating our home with fire wood.

The back room is cooler as well. By turning the fan on and off, I am also reducing the speed at which the wood dries out.

The wood is much lighter than it was when I first cut it on the lumber mill. This idea seems to be working very well. And the edges of the wood is not splitting at all yet.

I think this is going to be a success. I need this wood to be ready to work with in another two weeks.

I will share updates when the drying process is finished.

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