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Moving Into My RV Slowly And Some Sad News

Moving Into My RV Slowly And Some Sad News

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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It rained all day today so I did not get any outside work done. I started the long slow move into the RV. It will be slow because I am still working in there. But I took some clothes and other things into the RV and made the bed up.

The solar food dehydrator seems like it is going to work well for me. With the sun covered by clouds I stood by with my digital thermometer waiting for a break in the clouds. Immediately when the sun peaks through the solar heater gets up to 145 degrees for a second before the sun is gone again. I believe that in full sunlight this dryer will work nicely.

I have some sad news to report today. I will no longer be able to be on the Monday night talk/chat shows. Due to a friendly parting of ways I will no longer be on aroundthecabin on Monday nights.

If you would like these shows to continue, please help me find a new route. It must be capable of handling a couple hundred people at one time.

Maybe we can even go onto a real radio station.

I am open to advice.


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