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Homestead Updates Chickens Gone And Solar Power Work

Homestead Updates Chickens Gone And Solar Power Work

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Some updates at the off grid homestead, our chickens are gone and wiring up solar power in our off grid tiny house.

It was raining out but 43 degrees, which is nice for this time of year. But we do not see the sun much at all this year so there is not much solar power. We run our devices sparingly inside our tiny home.

We sold most of our chickens to cut costs for this winter. We were getting 22 to 24 eggs per day plus duck eggs all summer long. But we live in a summer vacation area and our customers are gone for the winter. So the birds were just costing us extra money at this time.

We decided to just keep three hens now for our own use. These will give us enough eggs for our family from now on. The cost will be greatly reduced as well now. Each year we may get two more hens to be sure that we always have two eggs a day. Hens need their first year to grow up. Then they lay eggs for the next two years and after that they are done. We plan to rotate through egg laying hens.

Out in the greenhouse some of our herbs are still doing well. I am surprised to see them alive and growing with the roof off the greenhouse. I think next year we will have a very good greenhouse once I get it finished.

I moved the live edge slabs next to the wood stove for faster drying. I had cut these live edge slabs on my own lumber mill a while back and then had them drying inside my office for a while with a fan on them. Now I moved them next to the wood stove to finish drying faster.

I hope to make some serving platters with these in the coming week so I need them to finish drying right away. This has been an experiment in fast drying wood inside the house. So far it looks good.

I kept some wire and the fuse block from the camper I demolished a week ago. I wanted to wire up solar power to my office. Today was the day for the project.

I drilled a hole through the wall and then ran the wires through from the solar power distribution box in the living room into my office. I ran the positive wire to a fuse on the main power box and then to the fuse block in my office. From here I can attach devices as needed.

Watch my electronics channel later for the rest of this video where I will wire up my Bedini motors and start restoring lead acid batteries again.

My electronics channel is here: https://www.diytube.video/channel/Do+It+Yourself+Electronics

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