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Wiring Up Solar Powered Office And Solar Bedini Motor Pt II

Wiring Up Solar Powered Office And Solar Bedini Motor Pt II

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This is part two of the video. I am wiring up my Bedini motor and office for DC solar power. With solar power from the large solar panels out in front of our off grid tiny house I can run the Bedini motor 24/7. This will help a lot so I do not have to switch the run battery out all the time.

I finished wiring up the knife switch on the Bedini motor. I also used a diode on the positive wire to prevent back feed of energy pulses into my 24/12 volt converter. A bank of super capacitors will also help absorb any pulses and protect my converter.

Once I had the Bedini motor all wired up nicely I then ran a positive and negative wire from the distribution block on the wall of my office. And finally I put a fuse in the power distribution box out in the off grid tiny house living room. This made the wire live and provided 12 volt DC power to my office.

I next connected a battery to the Bedini motor output and then fired up the motor. It is running very well. Oddly the voltage on the solar power line is running around 11 volts DC though. I may use a voltage regulator to pull up the voltage and keep it at 12 volts. This will also further isolate the 24/12 volt power converter on my solar power line.

Everything is running and looking good. This Bedini motor is my best project I ever made I think and I feel good about it.

Thanks for watching.

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