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Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Explained In Detail

Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Explained In Detail

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How to mine cryptocurrency for free using solar power explained in full detail.

I have been mining cryptocurrency for free using solar power for quite a few months now so I have some good experience behind me which I would like to share with you.

First of all you have to know a few things before you get started.

1. Your total solar panel production in full sunlight.
2. Your mining rig power requirements.
3. Your daily household power requirements.

With these three numbers you can proceed with mining using solar power.

I first let the batteries charge up in the morning hours before I begin to mine at all. This extends your battery bank life. Once the batteries hit absorption mode and the sun is shining brightly and about 50-60 degrees off the center of the solar panels I fire up a mining rig to burn off the excess power. I know that I can run up to half the solar power output in mining while still charging the battery bank.

I have 1,600 watts of solar panels for example. This gives me 800 watts to charge my battery bank and supply our reduced household needs. Plus I have another 800 watts left over that I can burn.

My cryptcurrency mining rig uses about 500 watts at full power. You can check this using a Kill-A-Watt meter to be sure.

So I can safely fire up the mining rig at this point and leave it running until the solar panels are past center of the solar panels and reach 50-60 degrees on the other side. This is before the sun sets in the sky yet the sun is hitting the solar panels at a good enough angle to complete charging of the battery bank.

At this point I turn off my solar powered cryptocurrency mining rig and let the batteries top off the rest of the way.

The amount of hours that I can mine depends on the season. In winter I get about 3 to 4 hours of good mining in using solar power for free. But in summer I can get a good 8 hours of free cryptocurrency mining using my solar power.

Now for best performance and earnings I do not mine the top coins out there. Realistically there is no way I am going to see a single Ethereum for example using this method. But when mining penny coins or sub penny coins I can get 1,000s of coins per day even with reduced mining hours in the day using solar power.

Look at it this way:

Compare penny coins to penny stocks. You can buy a bunch of penny stocks of different kinds and hope one or two hit it big. Most will fail and that is a given. But some of them are going to make it.

The same goes for cryptocurrency. I mine a bunch of dirt cheap coins in hopes that one or two hit it big one day. Most of them will fail but that is to be expected.

The huge difference with mining using solar power as compared to real investing or mining on the power grid is that I have nothing to lose. If I do not burn off that excess solar power it is lost anyway. So I mine altcoins for free using that left over energy.

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