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Brutal Winds And Snow Plus Packages Arrived At The Homestead

Brutal Winds And Snow Plus Packages Arrived At The Homestead

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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We have more snow falling at the off grid homestead with up to 9 inches of snow predicted to fall during the next three days.

The wind is horribly strong and is quite scary out here the past 24 hours. Two of my solar panels are on the ground which I found odd because they have survived some serious storms.

Then I discovered something strange. There are no screws in the frames anymore. There are no screws at all. The wood is not torn or ripped either like it would be if the screws were ripped out by force. It is very strange.

I cant check the panels right now in this strong wind because they become powerful sails in the wind. It is best to leave them where they lay until the wind is gone. Then I can see closer if they are ok or not. I hope they are fine. But how did they get removed like that with all the screws gone?

Some packages arrived in the mail today. I got my DIY Tube Video Community T-shirts and hoodie today, They look very good. I am giving the hoodie to Chris for his help all this time that we have known him. Plus he helps on DIY Tube all the time.

Another package arrived from ThruNite containing their new TH10 V2 LED flashlight/headlamp. This is a pretty cool flashlight with shirt clip or head lamp. It is convertible to be used either way. You can carry it in your hand, clip it on your shirt or belt or wear it on your head with the adapter and head band.

With a 90 degree angle it is perfect for your shirt pocket with the clip attached. It is very convenient to use with the power button on the end of the flashlight.

As with all ThruNite flashlights this LED flashlight has spare gaskets and a USB charging port cover. It has an 18650 high output battery inside. The flashlight has a built in USB charging port which makes it very easy to charge anywhere, any time.

This light has a range of 307 meters and 2,000 lumens which is amazingly powerful for such a small light. I cant wait to try this out in the night.

Also typical with ThruNite is the memory function so it always turns on in the last mode you used. You can cycle through the modes using the power button to go through from firefly, low, medium low, medium, high and turbo mode as well as SOS.

You can get the ThruNite TH10 V2 LED flashlight here: https://amzn.to/2VD7ScQ

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