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Worzel Gummidge S01 E04 The Crowman

Worzel Gummidge S01 E04 The Crowman

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1 year
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Worzel Gummidge is a scarecrow that can come to life on Scatterbrook Farm. Worzel stands in ten acre field. He befriended John and Susan who came to stay during the School holidays on the Braithwaites Farm. Worzel normally lands John and Susan in trouble when he is being mischievous, as he goes into a sulk and becomes a normal lifeless scarecrow. This leads others to blame the two children for the trouble Worzel causes.

The Worzel Gummidge books differ from the television adaption; one difference being that in the books Worzel was married to Earthy Mangold. In the first book, Aunt Sally (his Femme fatale in the TV series) is only mentioned in one chapter and the character is an antagonistic bully to Worzel. For the television adaptation, Worzel has a collection of interchangeable heads. In the books, the maker of Worzel Gummidge and other scarecrows is not named the Crowman, but is described as mysterious figure.

source wikipedia

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