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Starting & Driving My Truck With SuperCapacitor Battery Replacement

Starting & Driving My Truck With SuperCapacitor Battery Replacement

Do It Yourself Electronics

2 years
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I built a wood box to house the supercapacitor battery replacement and went on a day long road trip to try it out.

I built a box and put on real battery terminals. Then I mounted it into my truck to prepare for a road trip. This is the ultimate test. Driving my truck with capacitors instead of a starting battery for an entire day on the road.

The truck fires right up stronger than with a battery. This is the first thing that I noticed after installing this battery replacement.

With supercapacitors you do not have to run the vehicle long in order to fully charge them back up. These are fully charged within a minute or two when the vehicle is running.

I can start the vehicle. Shut it off and start it back up again with no problem. Supercapacitors charge up immediately.

We drove down to visit my family for Mothers day. We drove the truck around town for a couple hours as well. We must have started and stopped the vehicle about 15 to 20 times during our day of driving and visiting people.

The capacitors never failed to start the vehicle. Only one time I had a scare when I let off the starter switch before the vehicle was running. It took three tries to get the truck to fire up. At that time it was turning slowly and I was afraid it would not start but it did.

We drove with headlights, windshield wipers and heater going most of the day with no problem. The truck performed well and the voltage remained steady all day.

The supercapacitor battery replacement worked well today.

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