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World Premier Alternate Energy Device Never Before Seen Pype Pwr

World Premier Alternate Energy Device Never Before Seen Pype Pwr

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I have received the World's first ever Pype Pwr alternate energy device which can charge USB devices using plain tap water.

This is a world premiere video release. The Pype Pwr alternate energy device has never before been seen on video. This is a brand new device on the market.

This device uses plain old water to produce electricity which you can use to charge up your small devices such as cell phones, flashlights, power packs, tablets and more. Salt water is not to be used in this device.

Pype Pwr uses three metal pipes of dissimilar metals which are submerged in water. This part of the device produces electricity which is sent to the second section. The second part contains super capacitors which store the energy generated until it reaches a certain voltage.

From there, once the capacitors are charge up, you can flip the switches on the control box and charge up your device using the USB output port.

In order for Pype Pwr to be more effective, the water has to be moved a little bit from time to time. It works best in flowing water such as a stream, creek or river. But talking to the inventor we came up with an idea using a drip system.

Pype Pwr can be stood up inside a bucket with another bucket above it. The top bucket can have a nozzle which drips water into the Pype Pwr tube. On the bottom of the tube you would need another nozzle timed to the same drip rate. This will ensure that the water is always being refreshed in the pipes.

The first time you charge up Pype Pwr, the capacitors are going to have zero charge. It will take about 45 minutes to charge up the capacitors. After discharge the capacitors will still hold some charge in them. Therefore subsequent charges will take considerably less time.

Advantages of Pype Pwr over solar panels or wind turbines is that it works 24/7 without the need for energy to be input into the system.

Stay tuned for detailed experiments and tests of the Pype Pwr alternate energy device.

Meanwhile you can get your own PDF instructions to make a Pype Pwr device here: https://zapper-zap.com/six-plans/


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