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Raccoon Wars 2019 Updates At The Homestead

Raccoon Wars 2019 Updates At The Homestead

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The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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After our kittens were stolen something else moved into their home and started to eat the food I had left out for them. I thought it was a raccoon based on the footprints in the snow.

The animal was literally all over where the kittens used to run, sleep, eat and play. And it was living under our mobile home. I had to get it out before it did some damage to our home.

We bought a live trap and set it up to catch a raccoon, which I figured it was. I tried it out on our huge cat Tomcat and it worked very well. I figured if Tomcat can fit inside this trap than any raccoon can fit as well.

So I set up the trap outside with some canned cat food in hopes of catching the animal. But after three days we got nothing.

I went looking under the trailer and found no trace of it. So I went inside the trailer and dug around. There was a possum which had burrowed unto the house through where the plumbing comes in. It had taken all the insulation from the floor and made itself a nice home.

It looks like it has an infection in the ear. But it was not alarmed or disturbed at my presence. I have to find a way to get him out of our home.

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