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Deep Snow On The Homestead & Packages Arrived

Deep Snow On The Homestead & Packages Arrived

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2 years
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We have been getting hit with a lot of snow this year on the homestead. I know that other areas get a lot more snow than we have seen but still when you get used to something its a surprise to see more then normal.

Of course normal is different today than it was when I was little. Back then we would get many feet of snow in a single snow storm. But recent years the weather has been more mild and we got used to it. Even up here in the northern areas.

We have about 4 feet of snow on the ground across level ground where the wind has not blown it away. There is more or less in some areas like our yard where the sun and wind work at it.

I figure we got about 6 feet of snow this year overall so far based on what we have seen. There have been some melting periods too which removed most of the snow a while ago so I am estimating. It could be more or less in some areas farther away from us.

I talked to the neighbor's snow plow service and they should not plow us in anymore. We are also going to help pay for the plow this year because we have had so much snow. Last year they hardly ever came at all because we did not get nearly this much snow. But recently the plows are active all the time now.

We got some packages in the mail which I wanted to share with you.

One contained a Wendys card which was sent by a YouTube viewer. I thought he was joking when he said he would send us a burger. This is very much appreciated and we will use it together as a family. Wendys has some good $4 meal deals which means we can have a couple meals on this. Thank you.

Someone sent some little kittens in the mail to replace the ones that were stolen from us. Michelle loves them and surrounds herself with them. It is very cute. I will show some video next time from home. Thank you.

Someone sent me some stainless steel screws as well for use around the homestead. These are always in need on the homestead. I cant believe how many we use out here each year. These are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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