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Trying Linux On My Home Computers To Replace Windows 10

Trying Linux On My Home Computers To Replace Windows 10

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I got tired of Windows 10 rebooting suddenly during work or taking control over my computer at the worst possible times so I am experimenting with Linux to replace Windows in all my computers.

I have been experimenting with Ubuntu on my DIY Tube Video Community servers recently and I like it a lot. This little ASROCK all-in-one mini computer was my first experiment with Linux for DIY Tube before I got the big servers.

Since then this little computer has been sitting here waiting for a project. I have a 30GB SSD hard drive on it for the operating system and only 2GB of RAM. I want to put in more RAM but all mine failed on me so I have to buy more.

This computer has a quad core 1900mhz CPU so it is not too bad for a home computer. I want to get all my favorite programs on this to see how well I like Linux for daily use.

I got Kubuntu desktop installed and then got Skype working. Although I need more RAM for Skype to run smoothly. I also got my favorite photo editor going fine. I put on Wine so I can run Windows software but ran out of time for the day. I will work more on this later.

I also want to get a video editor running on it to see how I like the Linux editors.

I am really sick of Windows 10 and the lack of control they give you. Its like you are allowed to use your own computer sometimes when the operating system lets you. I hate the sudden rebooting at peak work hours when I am speed typing, programming PHP or watching a movie. It just reboots whenever it wants to. And there are more problems like the ads and notifications that pop up in your face and demand attention before you can proceed.

I can go on and on but this will be a separate video on its own. I have spent over a year looking at MAC OS, Windows and Linux. I will share my thoughts and results later.

Stay tuned for updates.


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