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Bedini Motor Running 19 LED Lamps ~ Lower Current & Higher Charging

Bedini Motor Running 19 LED Lamps ~ Lower Current & Higher Charging

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3 years
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I connected 19 LED lamps and 2 incandescent lamps to the output of my Bedini motor. This gave me free light, reduced input current and increased charging output. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11445

I wanted to experiment with the output of the Bedini motor and see what I could do with it besides charging batteries.

I put an incandescent light bulb in series with the output to the charging battery and got light. Then I added another but the light got a bit dimmer.

So I tried an LED light bulb to see what would happen. These are 12 volt LED light bulb replacement for RVs and campers. I have a bunch left over from my camper living days.

The LED light up. So I added more. And more. And more until I ran out of LED light bulbs. In the end I had 19 LED lights glowing and 2 incandescent lights all at the same time.

The lights are in parallel with one another and the entire set is in series with the output battery. This is all on the positive side of the charging battery.

I am going to run more experiments later and see what else I can get using my old Bedini motor.

I did notice though that with the lights connected in series with the battery, the charge on the battery was increased and the input current dropped a little bit. The motor also ran a little bit slower with the lights going.

So the motor slows down, input current is decreased, output charge is increased and I have free light.

It seems that by using lights in series with the output battery I can actually increase the charging output.

This is pretty cool.

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