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Repairing A Zero Turn Commercial Mower And Christmas Eve In Australia

Repairing A Zero Turn Commercial Mower And Christmas Eve In Australia

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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On Christmas eve day I spent the day time working on a zero turn commercial lawn mower. This is the one that had a blown hydraulic pump. The new pump came in and I got to install it into the machine. But the mower would not drive properly at all. The right side wheel would not turn properly and had no power.

After trying to prime the lines we decided there has to be something wrong with the drive motor on the wheel. This had been full of metal particles due to the old pump blowout. I had taken it apart and cleaned it but there was something wrong.

So I dismantled it all again and put it on the work bench. I found that a gasket had come loose inside and was blocking some of the passages. I put it all back together again and the machine worked like brand new.

I got to mow the lawn with this mower. I have never even touched a zero turn mower before so this was exciting. And a bit of a challenge. These things are really fast. But I learned quickly and was happily mowing the lawn with the machine I repaired. It feels good to get a machine running well again.

In the evening some of use piled into the ute and headed into town to see what may be open on Christmas eve. It felt surreal with the heat of the night, green growth everywhere and the rain. I am used to a white Christmas and not green.

There are not many decorations up in Australia. At least not in Coffs. Very few houses had anything up at all.

I met another friend in town and we searched for about an hour and a half for a restaurant that was open. Around here even on a normal day things close promptly at 5 pm. The malls even close down at 5. Only the big stores stay open later.

We eventually found a nice place and had a good dinner. After that we went to the wharf for a while to enjoy the warm salty air.

It was a strange feeling to be warm and surrounded by new growth.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays.

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