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Pype Pwr FREE Energy Device Testing And Demonstration

Pype Pwr FREE Energy Device Testing And Demonstration

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I have been experimenting with this FREE Energy device called Pype Pwr for a few weeks now. Here are some of my results and ideas so far.

The Pype Pwr free energy device extracts energy from clean, pure water and uses it to charge up USB powered devices.

I first the put Pype Pwr free energy device into our bathtub to see how well it worked. But this did not last long with a wife and baby in the house so I had to find a different alternative for this project.

I found a snow sled on sale and brought it home. The Pype Pwr device fits perfectly inside this sled. I filled the sled with water and got to experimenting.

But this device needs moving water. It does not have to be fast or even steady flowing but it must be refreshed sometimes. I dont have time to move it by hand with our busy schedule. So I am using a water pump for now. It is winter here and everything is frozen solid outside. In summer I have access to all kinds of moving water like our lake.

For now though I wanted to start experimenting with this device so I am cutting corners.

I also have plans to make a gravity feed system for this using a larger upright container but I have to wait for the spring thaw because this wont fit in the house as well.

I was able to charge up my ThruNite LED headlamp using the Pype Pwr free energy device which was exciting.

I have plans to try some automatic switching transistors to see if I can get this running without the need to monitor it blindly all the time. Currently you simply have to wait a while and then flip the switches to charge up your USB device. But I want to eliminate that and see if this can be automated.

I am also going to be connecting some meters to this in the next video to see how much energy we are getting over time.

The inventor sells PDF plans for you to make your own Pype Pwr device here: https://zapper-zap.com/six-plans/

So check it out and get your own Pype Pwr FREE Energy device now.


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