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Using Kdenlive On Mini PC and Ubuntu

Using Kdenlive On Mini PC and Ubuntu

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I am sick of Windows 10 taking over my computer so I am moving to Linux more and more these days. I am testing out my little ASROCK Q1900M all in one computer with Ubuntu to see how well it performs for me.

If this little computer with a quad core 2Ghz passive cooled Celeron CPU and only 4GB of RAM can do video editing then I know that Ubuntu will be the operating system for me.

I am testing Ubuntu on this little computer before moving it onto my main work computers as well. I have to be sure that all the software I need each day will run on Ubuntu.

Right now I am trying out Kdenlive video editor. This is open source and free.

I was surprised how easy it was to find my way around without the need for instructions. I edited this video using Kdenlive. The little Q1900M took over an hour to do the job but it worked. This was a good test of the software. And I wanted to see the final quality once I uploaded the video as well.

Kdenlive seems easy to use yet has more functions than I know what to do with. This gives me room to grow. And its free.

The stability of a Linux machine compared to Windows 10 is so awesome. The computer is always there for you waiting for your next command. Windows 10 on the other hand is always rebooting at any time of the day or night no matter what I am doing at the time. And it is hogging the internet in the background downloading something I dont want while using computer resources when I need it the most for myself.

I can go on and on about the differences but that will be a separate video which is coming soon.


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