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Increase Bedini Motor Output With A Diode And Some Wires

Increase Bedini Motor Output With A Diode And Some Wires

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It is easy to increase the output of your Bedini Motor with a single diode and some wires. With this you can charge batteries of different sizes as well.

I wanted to get the heavy deep cycle battery off the top of my dresser so it does not crush the top down. So I put that one on the floor. Meanwhile I set up a small portable jump starter unit to be restored. This has a badly sulfated lead acid battery inside. But with the smaller batteries it only takes a few days in between cycles so I had to shut it down until had more time to work on this.

Today I added a second diode to the output of my Bedini SSG circuit so that I can charge a second battery at the same time. I put the diode on the collector of the output transistor and ran that to my terminal strip. This is the output for the second battery.

This is a standard, by the book build of the Bedini Simplified School Girl Motor circuit which I put together in order to show people now to build one of their own at home.

Now it is time to customize and modify it for increased output.

The second diode separates the outputs so that I can charge two different sized or type batteries at the same time.

I added some more output wires with battery clamps on them for the second output.

Now I can charge up a huge deep cycle battery which can take months to desulfate while at the same time restoring smaller sulfated lead acid batteries.

The larger batteries take a lot longer to restore due to their increased size and the low output of a single coil Bedini Motor. With more coils this is no longer a problem. I will be showing you how to do that as well one day.


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