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Installing Linux On My PC Leaving Windows Behind

Installing Linux On My PC Leaving Windows Behind

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I am finally making the move to Linux on all my computers today. Windows 10 Home rebooted my main computer one too many times during work. I am done with it.

Many people tell me to get the pro version but it costs a lot of money. You buy a computer with an operating system and then you have to pay more for one that works? Not for me.

I have tried and tried to gain control over my computer but now Windows has greyed out my ability to change settings and blocks me from the registry entirely. I am not sure how this happens but I am tired of it.

Today I formatted my hard drive and installed Linux on my power laptop. I have a core i7 2.5 Ghz with 16Gb RAM and a 110Gb SSD hard drive. This is my main power PC and video processor for my daily work.

It took me a couple years to take the plunge due to fears of losing my data or not being able to work like I used to. But Windows rebooted three times in the past week at the most horrible times. Generally it just reboots while I am working. Yes, sometimes you can delay the updates but not always. And it does not always delay either. Last time it asked if I wanted to delay the install of updates and rebooted anyway a few minutes later.

This is not acceptable.

I first tried to install Ubuntu 18.04 server which I have been using for months now on my DIY Tube servers. But I could not get the internet to work so it would not install for me.

I was in a bit of a panic because this is my work computer. But then I tried Kubuntu and it installed flawlessly and with ease. In a very short time I had a fully functional computer with all my favorite programs on it.

I use gimp for photo editing, notepad++ for PHP programming, skype for communications and some other software that installs on Kubuntu with a simple mouse click.

The only real change I had to make was moving to Kdenlive for video editing but I am getting used to it now after testing on my mini PC at home.

Windows took over half of my 110Gb hard drive but Linux only takes 10 Gb with all programs installed. I have so much more space to work now. I am loving Linux.

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