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How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 Grid Assisted Power

How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 Grid Assisted Power

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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In this video I explain how I plan to use the power grid as a backup to my off grid solar power system as needed. A generator can just as easily be used with this setup.

Our solar power system has no backup at this time. So when we leave for the day, we have to shut down all devices in order to protect the battery bank from over discharging.

This can be frustrating on a sunny day because all that solar power is lost. I work outside the property now though and cannot monitor the system as needed.

But when I am gone, no matter if it is sunny or not, I have to shut everything down in case a storm or a cloudy period passes through.

Using a grid assisted off grid power system I can leave my devices running and not worry about clouds or a storm passing through.

My plans are to use the Aims 24 volt battery charger as needed when clouds, rain or night time come around.

With a day/night switch built into the circuitry I will design, the battery charger will be engaged all night when the solar panels are not producing power to charge the battery bank.

Also if clouds pass by and the battery voltage falls too low, the battery charger will be used to assist the solar panels in keeping the batteries topped off.

This will allow me to turn on some cryptocurrency mining rigs during sunny days but not have to worry about a few clouds now and then.


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