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Comparison Of Bedini Charged Batteries w Capacitor Over Time

Comparison Of Bedini Charged Batteries w Capacitor Over Time

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2 years
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Someone asked me to do a long time test of the Bedini motor with a capacitor in parallel with a battery so here it is. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11455

When I attach a capacitor in parallel with a battery being charged on the Bedini motor the output voltage spikes up a lot but the input current does not change.

Some people suggest the capacitor is filtering out the voltage spikes and showing a more true voltage. That may be true but I thought it is odd that a capacitor would raise the voltage more than the actual voltage of the battery itself. The capacitor is only 22 microfarad whereas the battery is 12 AH in capacity. The battery is much larger and should override the capacitor voltage.

So I decided to do a long term test by putting two of the same batteries side by side and putting a capacitor in parallel across the leads of one of the batteries and leaving the other without as a control.

After 24 hours the battery with a capacitor showed a higher voltage than the control battery.

Next I disconnected the power from the Bedini motor and let the batteries rest for 12 hours.

The battery that had the capacitor had a higher voltage than the other battery without a capacitor.

This shows that the capacitor is giving a gain in output, at least by appearance so far.

Next I will switch the batteries around and see if the other battery gains over the first when using a capacitor on that one instead. This will confirm my test results.

I tried to show the output in my little Sainsmart pocket oscilloscope but it is not accurate nor is it easy to work with. I got the output to show up a little bit in the end. The capacitor seems to be clipping the voltage spikes on the scope readout.


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