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Recycling Materials To Make Fidget Spinner Bedini Energizer Motor

Recycling Materials To Make Fidget Spinner Bedini Energizer Motor

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I am recycling materials to make a Fidget Spinner Bedini Motor SSG. This is a radiant energy pulse motor which can restore badly sulfated lead acid batteries.

I took apart a TV transformer for the wires. I am winding the recycled wire onto an empty spool that I have on hand for now. The one set of wires is not enameled but the other set is so I have to carefully peel it apart in order to use it for a Bedini Motor coil.

I also got some magnets to use on the Fidget Spinner Bedini Motor. These are almost the perfect fit for the fidget spinner wings.

I will first make a single coil Bedini SSG Motor with North pole magnets facing our on a single side of the fidget spinner. Then I will expand up to six coils later on and see how much energy I can get out of this thing.

Stay tuned for updates.....

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