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Normal AC Fan Motor Produces Electricity In The Wind

Normal AC Fan Motor Produces Electricity In The Wind

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3 years
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I have a small fan motor with the original fan blades which produces power when placed in the wind. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11456

This is an AC motor with no modifications.

Of course a DC motor will generate a lot more power than an AC motor but a standard AC motor will usually produce a little bit of power when spun up in the wind.

This is just a proof of concept video and I am not out to prove anything or power the World with this.

This is a 115 volt AC motor rated at half an amp. Inside is an iron and aluminum core which holds a tiny bit of magnetism after it has been used. If I ran it on AC power for a while and then spun it up, it may produce a bit more power output.

The soft iron core is meant to hold magnetism while the motor is running but lose it fast after each pulse of energy.

There is just enough magnetism left in the core though to generate some electricity.

Spun up in the wind on a gusty day I get about 0.2 volts AC out of this fan motor.

Later I will take this motor apart (on video) and add magnets to turn it into a real wind generator.

Keep watching for more projects and experiments in alternate energy and electronics.


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