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Sainsmart DS0238 Pocket Oscilloscope Kit Assembly & Review

Sainsmart DS0238 Pocket Oscilloscope Kit Assembly & Review

Do It Yourself Electronics

2 years
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I got the Sainsmart DSO238 pocket oscilloscope kit over the others in its class because of its larger 2.8 inch display. Read full review: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11457

I put this together back in New York when living in the tiny house but never uploaded the video yet until I got some experience with the oscilloscope.

This was a do it yourself kit requiring some soldering and assembly. Everything you need comes in the kit but you have to put it all together yourself.

I must admit though that some parts were missing and there were some extra parts left over. This led to some confusion when I was putting the device together but eventually I got it assembled.

I was very surprised and pleased that it turned on immediately when I applied power. With such a DIY kit there is always a lot of room for error in assembly and soldering. Just one bad solder joint would cause a failure.

But it worked just fine.

I got it tuned in and adjusted according to the assembly manual with ease as well.

This looked like a very cool scope but the real test would come later when I worked on the Bedini motor in my new electronics lab in Michigan.

The scope is good for showing a waveform but it is not accurate and hard to dial in. There are not enough adjustments I think although it does have more than I expected.

Often a waveform will go off the top of the screen and its nearly impossible to bring it back onto the display.

For a cheap scope to give you a look at the world of sound waves this is a good learners project.


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