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Meco Emergency Survival Hand Crank Solar Power Flashlight

Meco Emergency Survival Hand Crank Solar Power Flashlight

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I have been using the Meco survival hand crank and solar powered emergency flashlight for a few weeks now and this is my final review of the product.

After taking this all over the place with me during this period the Meco hand crank survival flashlight has held up quite well. I keep it tied to my every day carry bag so it is always with me.

The heavy duty carabiner clamp holds it tightly in place on the outside of my EDC bag. The spring on the carabiner is strong and keeps it closed.

The built in battery is a 40 mAh lithium ion battery which means it is more durable than cheaper batteries. It will also be able to take a bit of a beating and keep working for years to come.

The hand crank charger can give you 8 minutes of light with only one minute of cranking time. If you have to crank it up from fully discharged you can get it full again in 15 minutes of cranking at 2 rotations per second. This may sound like a long time but when talking about the camp fire the time goes fast enough.

The solar panel is rated at 2 mA which can charge up the battery fully in 20 hours of full sunlight. This means you can top it off from fully discharged in two days of good sunlight. That is not bad at all really.

I would advise not draining it fully anyway in a single use. The battery can keep the LEDs lit up for two hours though, which is sufficient.

This is a great light for survival, camping, fishing or just to have on hand for emergency or disaster.

You can get the Meco hand crank flashlight here:

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