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Building A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

Building A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

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I am building a solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm at the off grid homestead.

We have another 20 solar panels on the way which are rated at about 4.9 KW of power. I am getting things ready for their arrival so that when the panels are here I can start mining soon after.

I am working on cryptocurrency mining rigs at the office during the day and taking home the working machines when finished. I am at the office more than home these days so I have more time here.

I am repairing my mining rigs which have been sitting around for over a year collecting dust. Many of the cheap Chinese parts I bought for the mining rigs have gone bad on me.

I have to get the working parts together and make working cryptocurrency mining rigs with what I have.

I am also working on an Arduino microcomputer which will automate the entire operation when I am done. This will turn on and off computers automatically based on solar panel output and will also run an alarm system for protection.

The Arduino micro computer will have a voltage sensor which will be used to know when to turn on and off the mining rigs. As the sun rises in the sky the Arduino will sense the increased solar panel output and will turn on mining rigs one after another. During peak sunlight I should be running all my mining rigs up to the maximum solar panel output at that time. As the sun sets in the sky the micro computer will shut down the cryptocurrency mining rigs one after another until night falls.

After dark the Arduino will shut down all power to the system to prevent vampire draws on the solar power batteries at night.

The Arduino will also run indoor and outdoor ultrasonic alarm sensors to watch for intruders. It can alert me with flashing lights, sound and wireless internet alerts. In this way no matter where I am, I will get the alerts of any intruders in the area.

I will be doing all of this right here on my electronics channel so stay tuned for updates and subscribe. Please hit the bell icon so you dont miss notifications.


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