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Setting Up Arduino Digital Volt Meter For Solar Mining Farm

Setting Up Arduino Digital Volt Meter For Solar Mining Farm

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I am setting up an Arduino micro computer to control my off grid solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm automatically.

There will be voltage monitoring on the solar panels and battery bank to show the computer what the status of charge is at any given time.

The Arduino micro computer will turn on or off computers based on the available power from the solar panels.

And the Arduino will also control a security system to make sure the entire operation is safe from intruders.

For today I am working on a digital volt meter to show the battery charge status. I first set up a crystal ball game on the Arduino using a kit that I have so I could get comfortable with the LCD display and controlling it.

Next I gutted that program to make a digital volt meter based on a variable resistor connected between 5 volts and ground.

I am able to measure small battery voltages as well by connecting them between the sense wire and ground.

Back on the homestead I will put a resistor voltage divider in the circuit so I can monitor the actual 12 volt battery bank instead of just 5 volts.


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